Cakes & Candy Buffets

Frequently Asked Questions

how do i order a cake/ candy buffet/ donut board from you?

Easy!  Simply head to the "Contact Us" page and complete the form.  We'll need the details of what you are after and from there can organise a quote.

how much notice do you need?

It really depends on the event and whats required.  Generally cakes, candy buffets or donut boards for weddings or other large events take a little more time to organise and put together.  For these kind of events it is best to give us as much notice as you can, especially if you have a unique request, so a minimum of 6 weeks, but preferably 12 weeks, is required.
For birthdays and smaller events, at least 2-3 weeks is usually required - although it doesn't hurt to ask if you can't provide that much notice as in some cases we may only need a week.  We will always do our best to help you!
Dates fill up fast so the more notice you can give us, the better!

how do i design a cake?

If you're designing a birthday cake, you might want to think about the person's hobbies, their favourite colour, animals they like or the birthday party theme.   

If you're designing a wedding cake or other special event cake (like an Anniversary) its best to have your theme, colours and venue decided upon before ordering your cake to make sure it all ties together,

Online websites and apps (like Facebook and Pinterest) can provide some great inspiration.  If you have a picture of a cake design you'd like, email it to us at [email protected] and we'll have a look and provide a quote. 

what size cake do i need?

Please refer to the table below as a general guide.  

Party serving sizes are a little larger than Wedding serving sizes.  This is because Wedding cake is usually served after a dessert and, therefore, doesn't need to be as big.  If you are serving your Wedding cake as the dessert, then you should use the party serving size as your guide.  Of course, we're happy to advise on sizing though!

do you deliver?

Yes!  We can deliver.  For party cakes and cupcakes delivery within the Illawarra is FREE!  Party cakes and cupcakes outside of the Illawarra incur a delivery charge .

All candy buffets and donut boards incur a delivery and set up cost, regardless of location.  This is due to the time it takes to set up the items.  You can however choose to set them up yourself, in which case the charge is reduced, 

Wedding cakes requiring delivery to any area, incur a delivery and set up charge.  This is not because we like charging Brides more!  To ensure your Wedding cake arrives in perfect condition, it needs to be carefully packed and then stacked onsite - which of course takes time and therefore incurs the charge.

how do i care for my cake

Fondant cakes:

Please do not put your cake in the fridge as it will ruin the fondant icing and/ or decorations.  Instead, keep the cake in a cool, dry room away from any heating or sunlight.  If its a particularly hot or humid day it should be kept in a cooler room with air conditioning. 

Buttercream Cakes

Keep the cake refrigerated.  An hour or so before serving, you should remove from the cake from the fridge and leave in a cool, air conditioned room out of heat/ sunlight.  

Storing Leftover Cake

After your event, any remaining cake should be stored in the fridge in an air tight container and eaten within 5 days.  Cake can be stored in the freezer for up to three months - the cake will be fine to eat in this period however you should expect some damage to any decorations.  Wedding cake orders have the option of adding on a 1st Anniversary cake to the order as no part of your wedding cake should be kept for a year.

how much do your cakes cost?

Each cake and cupcake is custom made to your specifications and particular needs/ wants and so each cake and cupcake is priced accordingly.  

However, as a rough guide:

Fondant cakes (butter cake)

Single tier cakes from $150 (round, 6in)

Two tier cakes from $220 (round, 6in and 4in)

Three tier cakes from $300 (round, 8in, 6in and 4in)

*figurines/ flowers additional

Buttercream cakes (butter cakes)

Single tier from $100 (round, 6in)

Two tier cakes from $180 (round, 6in and 4in)

Three tier cakes from $250 (round, 8in, 6in and 4in)

figurines/ flowers additional 

from $3.00ea (butter cake, buttercream icing)

Candy Buffets
from $15 per jar

Donut Boards
from $150

NB: the prices above are "from".  Additional charges for cakes are based on flavour, size, complexity of design and number/ types of decorations.   Additional charges for candy buffet are dependent on size of jars and candy required to fill.  Additional charges for a donut board depend on number of donuts, size of board, type of donuts required.

what are your payment terms?

  • Once the quote has been accepted, you will be sent an invoice.  20% of the invoice total is required as a deposit at time of booking.
  • Bookings are not confirmed until the deposit is received. 
  • If fondant figurines/ toppers are required, full payment of figurines/ toppers is required at booking.
  • No refunds available at anytime for fondant figurines or toppers.
  • Deposit is fully refundable if cancellation occurs 10 business days prior to booking date (exc. cost of fondant figurines).
  • Deposit is not refundable if less than 10 business days notice is given for cancellation.
  • Full payment of invoice is required 5 business days prior to delivery/ collection date.
  • Refund (less 20% deposit) is available if provided with 3 business days notice for cancellation (exc. cost of fondant figurines/ toppers).
  • No refund is available if less than 3 business days notice of cancellation is received.
  • A $100 bond is required for candy buffet glassware an donut boards.  Bond is fully refundable upon return of candy buffet glassware and donut boards (in the condition they were hired out)

can you make cakes suitable for dietary restrictions

Unfortunately we cannot assist with cakes suitable for those with allergies or gluten intolerance.